Chiropractic Care for Pregnant Patients

An expecting mother’s body goes through tremendous change during pregnancy and long after. Our goal is to create a team between mothers, their partners and families, and our team. We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you feel comfortable and supported throughout your pregnancy by offering pregnancy and pediatric-focused chiropractic care and a Webster Technique certification.

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Why pregnant women seek chiropractic care

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Exercise & Pregnancy

Exercise is great for everybody, but it can do amazing things for pregnant women. Exercise can help stimulate progesterone production, which could combat pregnancy complications. Exercising throughout a pregnancy can help an expecting mother cope with labor and have an easier delivery. Exercise also enhances postnatal recovery and rehabilitation. The team at Optimize Chiropractic are dedicated to empowering mothers and helping them find the routines that work for them. 

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breastfeeding support

Did you know that the ability of a newborn to simply turn their head to breastfeed is a necessary skill that effects their digestion as they grow? Infants instinctually tilt their heads in the direction that their cheek is grazed because it signals the direction of food. This turn of the head is necessary during “tummy time,” which is the precursor to rolling over and eventually crawling. And what is crawling if not a cross-crawl pattern (opposition movement), which incidentally stimulates digestion in anyone from infants to adults. It all comes back to breastfeeding and our first eating habits. Whether mothers come to us directly or are referred by their lactation consultants, Optimize Chiropractic offers new moms breastfeeding support and guidance.

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Low Back pain in pregnancy

Pregnancy is a different physiological state. It takes the aches, pains and discomforts we’ve experienced because of previous injury or aging and exacerbates them. Low back pain can happen at several different points of a pregnancy, but if it’s been a problem for you in the past, it’s more likely to be an issue for you while you’re pregnant. Chiropractic care from Optimize Chiropractic can help alleviate your lower back pain and give you the tools and advice to stay comfortable throughout pregnancy.

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SPD (Symphysis pubis disorder)

During pregnancy, the hips spread in preparation for birth. The symphysis joint, in particular, opens up to an inch during labor. When this joint doesn’t come back together properly, there can be an issue with a second pregnancy. That’s why Symphysis Pubis Disorder is most common in multiparous women (women who have had more than one pregnancy). It’s also a common disorder for women who are overweight, those with weak abductors, or those who are generally not in great physical health in weeks 32 to 35 of their pregnancies. The team at Optimize Chiropractic is dedicated to giving women the tools they need to make the best choices for their bodies and their pregnancies.

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Round Ligament Pain

Think of the body as a clock with a pendulum. When the body is balanced, the pendulum swings freely from one side of the clock to the other. However, if the pendulum gets stuck on one side, the other side has to accommodate. During pregnancy, as the uterus and baby get bigger, they may shift to an unideal position which can cause the pelvis to become lopsided around weeks 15 or 16 of the pregnancy. This can cause the ligaments to stretch, which manifests as sharp pain on one side of the lower belly or groin, also known as round ligament pain. The team at Optimize Chiropractic can adjust your round ligaments to get your baby in a better position, and to keep you comfortable throughout your pregnancy.

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Benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy

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Pain Relief

It’s a myth that women have to deal with pain and discomfort throughout pregnancy. There’s no reason to feel bad when chiropractic treatment can help.

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Easier Labor & Delivery

When the body is well-conditioned, it’s easier to cope with labor, give birth, and recover from the stress of delivery.

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Pre & Postnatal Support

It’s our jobs to create a supportive environment for women both before and after they give birth. Whether it’s adjustments, exercise recommendations, or breastfeeding support, we’ve got you.