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At Optimize Chiropractic, we firmly believe in meeting people where they're at in their health and wellness journey. Whether you're seeking relief from a recent sports injury or are dealing with chronic pain that has been holding you back for years, we're here for you. With chiropractic manipulation, massage therapy, and innovative treatments like soundwave therapy and dry needling, we can help you find relief from pain and enhanced long-term health. Our highly skilled chiropractors take the time to assess your condition thoroughly, ensuring that we design a tailored treatment plan that fits your unique needs and wellness goals.

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Meet Your Doctors

Dr. Allissa McClain

Meet Dr. Allissa McClain, a compassionate chiropractor with a passion for making a difference in her community. Her journey into chiropractic care began during college while training for a marathon, where she experienced the swift relief and transformative power of holistic treatments. Driven by the desire to provide personalized care, she earned her doctorate in chiropractic from Parker University, along with bachelor's degrees in Anatomy and Health and Wellness.

Her determination to treat patients on her terms led to the creation of Optimize Chiropractic, where she focuses on compassionate, individualized care, allowing her to cater fully to each patient's needs. Dr. Allissa's commitment to quick, natural, and affordable results is unwavering. She prioritizes staying updated with the latest technology and treatments to offer patients the most effective care available.

When you choose Dr. Allissa McClain as your chiropractic partner, you embark on a journey of personalized healing and compassionate support. Discover the freedom to live life to the fullest with the care of a dedicated professional who puts your well-being first.

Beyond the clinic, Dr. Allissa embraces an active lifestyle, and enjoys fishing, lake days, running marathons, and more.

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Dr. Kyle Hurst

Dr. Kyle Hurst is originally from Mustang, OK, and his own experience as an athlete and chiropractic patient is what fueled his passion for transforming lives through chiropractic care. After dealing with personal sports injuries that conventional treatments couldn't fix, he discovered the power of chiropractic, igniting his desire to help others achieve true healing.

Having completed his undergraduate studies at Oklahoma State University, Dr. Kyle pursued his dream at Parker University in Dallas, immersing himself in the world of chiropractic medicine.

Dr. Kyle joined Optimize Chiropractic, where he is proud to provide care driven by his philosophy to better serve his patients' needs. His genuine passion lies in guiding people to discover chiropractic's true potential, addressing issues they never knew could be treated.

At Optimize Chiropractic, Dr. Kyle's personalized approach and innovative soundwave therapy techniques complement chiropractic adjustments for highly effective short and long-term results. Patients trust him for never offering unnecessary treatments, always providing the highest quality care possible.

When you choose Dr. Kyle Hurst as your chiropractic partner, you're choosing a caring professional dedicated to your well-being. With his personalized care and commitment to your health goals, Dr. Kyle is ready to be your guide on the journey to optimal wellness.

Outside of the practice, he enjoys keeping active through exercise and outdoor activities like mountain biking, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, weightlifting, hunting, and fishing; he practices what he preaches to promote overall health and wellness.

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Our Story

Optimize Chiropractic History

Optimize Chiropractic was founded in 2020 by Dr. Allissa McClain and Dr. Kyle Hurst after they saw a need for high-quality, patient-focused chiropractic care in their community. They both knew that they wanted the final say in how their patients were treated, and owning their own practice was the only way to make that happen.

Dr. Allissa and Dr. Kyle have since gathered a team of compassionate professionals who are dedicated to staying at the forefront of modern chiropractic. From chiropractic manipulations and massage therapy to advanced techniques like dry needling and soundwave therapy, we can help relieve your pain and foster long-term health. When you visit Optimize Chiropractic, you can rest easy knowing that you're receiving top-notch care that you can count on.

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Giving Back

Community Outreach

Empower. Support. Thrive.

At Optimize Chiropractic, our commitment to fostering a stronger community goes beyond providing exceptional chiropractic care. We are dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of those around us. By supporting remarkable organizations like The Longview Junior League, Longview Christian School, Texas CASA, and the Longview World of Wonders children's museum, we hope to create a ripple effect of positive change, transforming lives one step at a time.

When you choose Optimize Chiropractic for your wellness needs, you become a part of this meaningful outreach. Your trust in our services enables us to continue supporting these essential community initiatives, allowing us to make a collective impact on the lives of many.

Together, we can create a community that thrives on compassion, support, and empowerment. Let's make a difference, hand in hand!