kids & Bedwetting

Millions of children wake up in the morning with wet pajamas and sheets from undeveloped bladder control. Bedwetting, officially known as enuresis, presents as a condition of a children who wets the bed at least one time each week.

The team at Optimize Chiropractic are dedicated to helping families find the solutions that work for them and their kids.

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Benefits of Chiropractic Care for bedwetting

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no more wet sheets

Specific chiropractic adjustments to the areas that control the bowel and bladder may help your child overcome their bedwetting behavior.

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healthy body & brain connection

The body is controlled by the brain via the nervous system. When your child is having bedwetting issues, it may be because the signals are in interference. When we adjust a child, this re-establishes that connection.

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empowered emotional state

Overcome bedwetting shows your child their ability to control a physical problem, but also empowers your child's emotional state.

How can we help?

Benefits of chiropractic care for bedwetting

Numerous studies prove the influence of Chiropractic care on bedwetting in children. Research published in 1994 and again in 2012 proved a significant link between bedwetting and nervous system function. Children receiving regular Chiropractic adjustments to correct areas of spinal subluxation experienced a substantially higher rate of overcoming enuresis than children who did not get adjusted.

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Reduces bedwetting frequency

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Establishes a healthy brain to body communication system

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Spinal adjustments empower children to improve and overcome enuresis